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Record a partial payment using a payment item

A payment item subtracts the amount of a customer payment from the total amount of an invoice or statement. You need a payment item when you receive a partial or advance payment toward the amount of an invoice or statement at or before the time you create the invoice or statement.

If you receive full payment at the time of the sale, use a sales receipt form (instead of an invoice) with a payment item. If you receive full or partial payment on an invoice or statement after you created it, enter the payment in the Receive Payments window instead.

To do this task

  1. Create a payment item with a zero amount.

  2. Enter the payment item on the invoice.

  3. Enter the amount of the payment in the Rate column (or Amount column, if there is no Rate column).

    QuickBooks automatically changes your entry to a negative number so the invoice will be correctly credited with the partial payment.

    The payment amount reduces the balance due on the invoice.

  4. (Optional) Print a copy of the invoice.

  5. Save the invoice.

    Save the invoice.

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