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Download online payments (Merchant Service)

I want to:

  • Know if I have payments to download

  • Learn what types of online payments I can download

    There are four types of online payments you can download in QuickBooks:

    • Recurring charges processed using Automated Credit Card Billing (a feature of the QuickBooks Merchant Service).

      If you are using the new version of Recurring Payments, recurring payments are downloaded using the Intuit Sync Manager.

    • Payments processed using your mobile phone.

    • Payments you received from customers through Billing Solution for QuickBooks.

    • Credit card payments processed outside QuickBooks on a terminal. If you have a merchant account through Innovative Merchant Solutions and you use a terminal to record customer credit card payments, you can download these transactions into QuickBooks. You have to activate your merchant account to use this feature.

    • Credit card payments processed outside QuickBooks using Virtual Terminal Plus (a feature of the QuickBooks Merchant Service).

  • Download online payments

  • To do this task

    1. Go to the Customers menu, click Credit Card Processing Activities, and then click Get Online Payments.

      From the QuickBooks Merchant Services window, you can download payments that you received online and then record them in QuickBooks.

    2. Select the type of payments that you want to download and click OK. You can only download one type of payment at a time.

    3. (Optional) If you want to download multiple payment types, return to this window and download another payment type.

      Note: The numbers in parentheses represent how many payments you have to download, followed by the total dollar amount of the payments.

  • Learn more about QuickBooks Merchant Service

  • Learn how automatic credit card billing works

  • Download terminal payments

  • Process credit cards with Virtual Terminal Plus

  • Download payments processed with a non-QuickBooks application

  • If you process payments through a software application other than QuickBooks using QuickBooks Merchant Service, you may be able to download these payments into QuickBooks if the software vendor provides you with a utility for this. Refer to your software vendor's documentation for more information.

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