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Company file is suddenly asking for a password

When the company file now asks for a password but it didn't before, one of the following may be the reason:

  • You installed a newer version of QuickBooks

    When you open a company file for the first time in a newer version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks must update the company file before you can use it. You must log in using the administrator password before QuickBooks can update the file. If you don't know the administrator's password, ask your QuickBooks Administrator to log in and update the company file for you.

  • You accidentally opened a different company file

    You can find the name of the company file you're opening above the field where you enter your user name or password. Be sure you're opening the correct file. If you're still not sure:

    1. On the login window, click Cancel.

    2. Choose File > Open Previous Company.

    3. Review the list of files you've previously opened. Try opening the file from that list and see if your password works.

  • QuickBooks is asking for a closing date password

    If QuickBooks prompts you for a password when opening a company file, you need to enter the user's password. If you're prompted for a password when saving a transaction, you need to enter the closing date password.

    The closing date password is set up separately from the login password. To change the closing date password, see Changing the closing date password.

Having problems opening your QuickBooks company file? Don't worry! We can help. Visit the QuickBooks support site to search in-depth support articles or get help from a QuickBooks Support Representative. You can also contact Intuit by phone.

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