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Security and your QuickBooks data

In addition to setting up users and passwords, you can provide additional security for your QuickBooks company file. Here are some suggestions to make your company data more secure:

  • Install a network-based or PC-based firewall: If you install a firewall on your Internet connection, you can reduce the likelihood that uninvited persons will use the Internet to access systems on your network. Firewall products will help you to ensure that your computers only conduct the traffic you allow. You can find out more about industry-certified products from the sites listed in the table. Many of the sites listed contain references for further information.

  • Find out more about Windows security and Windows Update services from Microsoft: Go online http://www.microsoft.com/security/

  • Install anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date: Find out more about anti-virus software, computer viruses and related information from the sites listed in the table below.

  • Configure QuickBooks access controls appropriate for your business: QuickBooks enables you to configure access controls to several classes of information and capabilities. You can restrict access to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Online Banking, and critical accounting functions, so that only the people you select will be able to perform those functions. These restrictions will also apply to applications that use the QuickBooks SDK that run under each user's account.

  • Back up your data file frequently: Keep backups of your data file in a safe location. Keep your backups in a fireproof safe, or at a business records management facility.

  • Keep your business running when disaster strikes: Appropriate people in your company should perform administrative tasks for QuickBooks. If a temporary employee installs and sets up QuickBooks, they may not be capable of supporting you in critical situations. Plan for situations where your accountant or bookkeeper is unavailable. If your data file is damaged, or the QuickBooks administrator password is lost, and you purchase data recovery services from Intuit, Intuit may need to contact the owner of the business to recover your company data file, for security reasons.

Further information

Intuit does not endorse or specifically recommend any of the products listed in the links below. Security recommendations should take into account relevant factors that may be unique to your business. No single product or security technique by itself will assure complete protection of your data. Combinations of the products and practices listed here will help to protect your QuickBooks data.

Additional information may be obtained by using your favorite search engine to search for anti-virus and firewall products.

Security Web Site


Go online www.staysafeonline.info

A government-industry sponsored site to educate the public about computer security. Look for advice for small businesses under the "Beginners Guides" section.

Go online www.consumerreports.org

Consumer Reports has issued ratings on personal firewalls and anti-virus software; search for "firewalls" and "anti-virus" for details.

Go online www.cisecurity.org

This site is for IT professionals looking for best practices documents for system configuration.

Go online www.cert.org/homeusers

This is a set of guidelines issued by the Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon University for home users. Look in the "Home Computer Security" section for information.

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