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Set up QuickBooks Administrator

The QuickBooks Administrator is the only user who has access to all activities in QuickBooks. It is the administrator who assigns passwords and access privileges to other users. Because the administrator has the central role in QuickBooks security system, we recommend that the administrator be someone who is usually available in your office.

Administrator's name: This is the name that the administrator uses to log into QuickBooks. Although QuickBooks suggests "Admin" as the name, you can change the name if you want.

Administrator's password: Although a password is optional in company files without credit card protection enabled, we recommend that you create one to help safeguard your company information. Remember, someone who logs in as QuickBooks administrator has access to all parts of QuickBooks, and your company data, without restriction.

Challenge question and answer: The administrator must set a challenge phrase question and answer. Click the Challenge Question drop-down arrow, select a question, and then enter an answer in the Challenge Answer field.

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