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Why are passwords important?

Passwords limit access to your company data. To open a file protected by passwords, each person must enter not only his or her user name but also a unique secret password. Note: Passwords are case-sensitive.

Until you set up users in your QuickBooks company file, any person who accesses the company file will have full access, just as they always have. However, no two people can access the company file simultaneously.

Important: If you have QuickBooks software for multiple users and want more than one user to access the company file simultaneously, you must set up users.

Assign a unique user name and case-sensitive password to each person who uses the company file. Each person should have a unique user name and password for both Windows and QuickBooks. QuickBooks, like any Windows application, relies on security features within Windows. These features are most effective when each user on the system can be accounted for.

The first person to set up users has the ability to set the password for the QuickBooks Administrator, who is a special user and has abilities that no other user can be granted like setting up other users.

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