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Viewing your notes

Depending on what you are doing in QuickBooks, you can view your notes about a customer, job, vendor, employee, or other name using one of these methods:

To see notes at any time

  1. Display the list containing the person or job whose note you want to view.

    Display the list
  2. For a QuickBooks Center list, select the customer, job, vendor, or employee for whom you want to view a note. Then go to the Information area to see the notes. If all the notes are not displayed, click in the Notes area and use the Up and Down arrow keys to see more.

    For the Other Names list, double-click the icon in the Notes column next to the appropriate name.

To see notes when you are editing the information about a person or job

  • Click the Notes button in the Edit window for the customer, job, vendor, employee, or other name.

To see notes when you are using the person or job in a transaction

  • Go to the Edit menu and click Notepad.

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