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Appending a new note

You can append a new note to an existing note for a customer, job, vendor, employee, or other name.

  1. Display the list containing the person or job whose note you want to append.

    Display the list
  2. For a QuickBooks Center list, select the customer, job, vendor, or employee with the note you want to edit. Then go to the Information area and click Edit Notes.

    For the Other Names list, go to the Notes column and double-click the Notes icon for the appropriate other name.

  3. Use the Down Arrow key to scroll to the end of the note. Then press Enter twice to start a new paragraph.

  4. (Optional) Click Date Stamp to add the current date to the note.

  5. Enter the text of the note.

    How do I move back and forth between my notes?

  6. Click OK.

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