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What's important in the Notepad window

This window contains space for entering notes about a customer or job, a vendor or employee, or one of the names on your Other Names list.

QuickBooks maintains a separate notepad for each customer, job (if you are tracking multiple jobs for a customer), vendor, employee, or name.

Use the notepad to keep a running record of important dates and information relevant to the customer or the job. If you enter something you want to be reminded of at a later time, you can create a new entry for your To Do list.

On the form

Date Stamp

Enters the current date.

Click in the text area of the notepad where you want the date entered, and then click Date Stamp.

New To Do

New To Do


Prints the contents of the current notepad.

Notepad area

Each notepad can hold roughly ten window's full of text. When you've filled up one window, use the Up and Down Arrow keys or PgUp and PgDn to see more text.

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