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Sample business plan template (New Business Checklist)



  • Describe the business and its goals.

  • Discuss the business entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation).

  • List the skills and experience you bring to the business.

  • Discuss the advantages you and the business have over your competitors.

  • Discuss the products or services your offer.

  • Identify the customer demand for your product/service.

  • Identify your market, its size, and locations.

  • Explain how you plan to advertise and market your product/service.

  • Explain the pricing strategy.

Financial Management
  • Explain the source and amount of initial equity capital.

  • Develop a monthly operating budget for the first year.

  • Develop an expected return on investment and monthly cash flow for the first year.

  • Provide projected income statements and balance sheets for a two-year period.

  • Discuss your break-even point.

  • Explain your personal balance sheet and method of compensation.

  • Discuss who will maintain or advise you on your accounting records and taxes and how the records will be kept.

  • Provide "what if" statements that address alternative approaches to any problem that may develop.

  • Explain how you will manage the business on a day-to-day basis.

  • Discuss hiring and personnel procedures.

  • Discuss insurance, lease or rent agreements, and issues pertinent to your business.

  • Account for the equipment necessary to produce your products or services.

  • Account for production and delivery of products and services.

  • Summarize your business goals and objectives.

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