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Performance tips for day-to-day operations

You can do most day-to-day tasks in multi-user mode without noticing much difference in performance.

Tasks that take a long time to complete, such as running large reports, can affect performance for other users. A few tasks, like finding transactions, temporarily prevent other users from working on the company file. Consider doing these tasks when other users are not working in the company file. For the best performance when completing these tasks, use the computer where you store your company file. If that computer is not available to you, use the fastest computer connected to the network.

You can also improve the performance of day-to-day tasks by modifying your QuickBooks preferences.

  • In the Reminders preferences, select "Don't Remind Me" for tasks for which you don't need a reminder.

  • In the Reports & Graphs preferences, select "Prompt me to refresh" or "Don't refresh." Refreshing reports automatically can slow performance.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers Go online enhanced multi-user performance.

&qb_enterprise_solutions; offers Go online enhanced multi-user performance.

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