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How do I share my QuickBooks information with other users at my company?

Your QuickBooks information is shared in a file called the QuickBooks company file. You can share this information with others users of your computer. You can also use QuickBooks in multi-user mode. Multi-user mode allows multiple people using multiple computers to access the QuickBooks company file at the same time.

Using QuickBooks with multiple users on one computer

As the QuickBooks administrator, you can create different QuickBooks users. Each of these users can be set up to have access to different areas of QuickBooks. For example, someone in charge of billing would have access to sending invoices in QuickBooks but would not have access to your more sensitive company information.

Using QuickBooks with multiple users on multiple computers

If you have multiple QuickBooks licenses, users at your company can use QuickBooks in multi-user mode to access your QuickBooks company information from different computers simultaneously.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier allow up to five users to work with company information at the same time, but you must purchase multiple QuickBooks Pro or Premier licenses.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions allows up to 15 users to work with company information at the same time. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions comes with a 10-user license. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Accountant Edition comes with a single-user license. See your license agreement for further details.

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