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Use the Inventory Site list

How do I display this list?

Choose Lists > Inventory Site List.

What you store in this list

Enter the sites where you store inventory. These could be different warehouses, multiple trucks, staging areas within one warehouse, consignment locations, or outsourced manufacturing vendors.

QuickBooks may create two sites for you. These are:

  • Drop ship: Use this site when you ship directly from a vendor to your customer.

  • Unspecified: QuickBooks creates this site when you import transactions into QuickBooks from another program or when you add items to your company file using QuickBooks Setup.

Manage your inventory sites

Click the Inventory Site button at the bottom of the list to add, edit, delete, or hide inventory sites. You can sort the list in alphabetical order, print the list, and more.

To view reports related to this list, click the Reports button at the bottom of the list.

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