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Transfer your inventory between sites

Use the Transfer Inventory window to transfer inventory between sites. You may do this to:

  • Replenish items at a location.

  • Transfer items from your "home" warehouse to your "satellite" locations.

  • Transfer items to a loading dock or ship.

To do this task

  1. Choose Inventory > Inventory Activities > Transfer Inventory.

  2. In the Date field, enter the date of the transfer.

  3. In the Reference No. field, enter the appropriate transfer number. If you have a physical form for the transfer, use the number in this field.

  4. (Optional) Click the Class drop-down arrow and select a class.

  5. Click the Transfer from drop-down arrow and select an inventory site.

  6. Click the To drop-down arrow and select the other inventory site.

  7. Select the inventory items to transfer to the site:

    • To select individual items:

      1. Click in the Item column.

      2. Click the drop-down arrow and select an inventory item.

    • To search for or select multiple items:

      1. Click the Add multiple items button.

      2. (Optional) Enter a search term in the Find field and click the Search button.

      3. Click the left column to select or click to clear inventory items.

      4. Click the Add Selected Items button.

  8. In the Qty to Transfer column, enter the number to transfer for each item.

  9. (Optional) In the Memo field, enter the reason for this transfer, such as "Transfer opening quantity to site."

  10. (Optional) Click Print to print a copy of the transfer for your records.

  11. Click the Save & Close button.

Common Questions

Does QuickBooks change the value of my inventory accounts?

No. QuickBooks uses only one inventory account for all sites.

How can I find the value of my inventory at a specific location?

Run the Inventory Stock Status by Site report.

Can I transfer inventory from one site to multiple sites?

No. You need to enter multiple inventory transfers. To make this easy, QuickBooks lets you duplicate inventory transfers.

To do this task

  1. Open an existing transfer. How do I find an existing transfer?

  2. Choose Edit > Duplicate Inventory Transfer.

  3. Change the details of the transfer as necessary.

  4. Click the Save & Close button.

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