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Set reorder points for each site

With Advanced Inventory, you can track site-specific reorder points for each item. This means you can have a different reorder point for each site, and QuickBooks can warn you when you're running low at a specific site.

Important: Site reorder points don't "roll up" (add up) to calculate a global reorder point. You must set the global reorder point for each item.

To do this task

  1. Choose Lists > Inventory Site List.

  2. Click the Activities drop-down arrow and select Set Reorder Points.

  3. Click the Set reorder point for site drop-down arrow and select the site you want to set a reorder point for.

  4. In the Site Reorder Point column, enter the reorder point for each item.

  5. To set reorder points for other sites, click the Set reorder point for drop-down arrow and select another site. Then repeat the process.

  6. Click OK.

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