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Use the Currency List

How do I display this list?

Go to the Lists menu and click Currency List.

Manage the currencies in the list

The Currency List shows both active and inactive currencies when you first open it.

Make a currency in the list active

Hide or display inactive currencies

Work with exchange rates

How exchange rates work in QuickBooks

  • In QuickBooks, exchange rates are always recorded as the number of home currency units it takes to equal one foreign currency unit. The foreign unit is always 1 and the amount of home units that equal that 1 foreign unit is what QuickBooks uses as the exchange rate.

    Home currency is the US dollar (USD).
    Foreign currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD).
    Exchange rate is 0.99160.
    The foreign currency is always 1 unit, so the exchange rate is how many USD equal 1 CAD.


  • QuickBooks uses the most recent exchange rate from the Currency list for foreign transactions.

  • Exchange rates can't be changed for home currency transactions. The exchange rate field on home currency names and accounts is disabled and always uses a value of 1.0.

Update exchange rates

At any time, you can download the latest exchange rates from within QuickBooks. Downloading exchange rates is a free service that's included in QuickBooks. If you prefer to use your own exchange rates, you can manually enter those as well.

Note: QuickBooks downloads rates for active currencies only and you can download rates only if your home currency is the US dollar

Download rates

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Currency List.

  2. Click the Activities button at the bottom of the window and then click Download Latest Exchange Rates.

Manually enter rates

Double-click a currency in the list to edit its exchange rate.

  1. To enter a new rate, select a blank row in the Exchange Rates section and then enter a date and rate.

    To change an existing rate, select the current exchange rate (if one's entered) and enter the new rate.

  2. To insert a date between two entries, use the calendar to select the date. QuickBooks inserts the date for you and then you can enter the rate.

  3. To delete entire lines, select the entry and then go to the Edit menu and select Delete Line.

Change currency format

Go to the Lists menu and then click Currency List. Double-click a currency to access the Change Format option.

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