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Enter currency exchange rate

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Currency List.

  2. Double-click the currency you want to enter an exchange rate for.

  3. To enter a new rate, select a blank row in the Exchange Rates section and then enter a date and rate.

    To change an existing rate, select the exchange rate you want to change and enter the new rate.

  4. To insert a date between two entries, use the calendar to select the date. QuickBooks inserts the date for you, and then you can enter the rate.

  5. To delete entire lines, select the entry and then go to the Edit menu and select Delete Line.

What can and can't I change about a currency?

You can change

  • The exchange rates for any active currency

  • The format for an active currency

  • The currency name or code for currencies you manually added

You can't change

  • The currency name or code for currencies included with QuickBooks.

  • The exchange rate of your home currency.

  • The addition of currency symbols. QuickBooks uses standard currency codes and doesn't use currency symbols.

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