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Set preferences for multiple currencies

Where to find this preference

  1. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

  2. In the list at the left of the Preferences window, click Multiple Currencies.

  3. Click the Company Preferences tab.

Because these settings affect all users, only the QuickBooks Administrator can make changes to them.

Important: Because accounts and balances are affected by the multiple and home currency settings, these settings cannot be changed once they've been set. We recommend you back up your company file before setting this preference in case you decide later that you don't want to track additional currencies.

Track multiple currencies in your company file

Choose Yes or No based on whether or not your business buys or sells goods using foreign currencies and whether or not you want to track those currencies in QuickBooks.

Select home currency

In most cases, the home currency is the US dollar (USD). Your home currency is the currency of the country where your business is physically located.

Important: If you choose to set a home currency other than the US dollar, Intuit services such as payroll and online banking will not be available as these services are only available in US dollars.

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