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What's important in the Select Names for Export Addresses window

You use this window to select the names and addresses you want to merge with a word processor document. The names can come from your Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, or Other Names lists—or any combination of these lists.

Select Names

The groups of names you can use.

To select...

Do This

Two or more specific names

Click the Name drop-down list and choose Multiple names. Select each name you want to include.

A category of names

Click the Name drop-down list and choose the category. For example, to limit the report to vendors only, click the Name drop-down list and choose All Vendors.

One name only

Click the Name drop-down list and choose the customer, job, vendor, or employee from the last section of the list.

Include Jobs

Select this checkbox to include the jobs associated with the customers you selected.

Select this checkbox only if there is a different name or address for each job. If the customer name and address are the same for each job, leave the checkbox clear (otherwise, you'll end up with duplicate form letters to the same name and address).

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