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Edit loan details in the Loan Manager

You can change information about a loan that you're tracking in the Loan Manager by editing the loan details. To change information about the liability account associated with a loan in the Loan Manager, you need to change information for the loan liability account.

To edit loan details in the Loan Manager

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Loan Manager. Shortcut

  2. In the loan list, select the loan you want to edit.

    What if I don't see the loan I'm looking for?

    What if I don't see the loan I'm looking for?
  3. Click Edit Loan Details.

  4. Make your changes to the loan information.

    The choices that are available to you in the detail fields, such as Loan Account or Lender, come from the account information. If you do not see the correct information in any of these choices, you must edit the information in the liability account for the loan before trying to change it here. After making your changes, open the Loan Manager again to view them here.

  5. When you're finished making changes, click OK.

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