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Enter or edit loan account information

What you need before adding loans to the Loan Manager

Note: When you add a loan to the Loan Manager, the liability account information is prefilled, including the current balance of the loan and the account details you entered when you set up the liability account.

Complete the loan account information, as follows:

  • Account Name of the loan for which you set up the liability account. This list includes both current liability and long-term liability accounts.

  • Lender, either a vendor and other name (both of which are included in the drop-down list).

  • Loan Origination Date

    The Loan Manager uses the loan origination date to calculate the loan maturity date and the number of remaining payments, as shown on the Payment Schedule. The loan origination date must be correct for accurate calculations.
  • Original Loan Amount

  • Term of Loan, in weeks, months, or years.

You can change this information at any time by clicking Edit Loan Details in the Loan Manager window. However, information that comes from the liability account (as described above), must be edited in the loan liability account.

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