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What's important about the Loan Manager window

The Loan Manager window displays the loans you've set up to track, including details about the loans (such as the lender name and origination date), a payment schedule, and contact information.

Use this window to enter and track your loans, set up payments, and run "what if" scenarios when considering a new loan or for refinancing an existing one.

To view loan information, select the loan in the list, and then click the tab for the information you want to see.

List of loans

The list of loans shows all of the loans that you've added to the loan list. Each loan entry includes the name of the loan, the loan balance, the next payment date, and the payment amount. This information comes from the liability account information for each loan.

What if I don't see the loan I'm looking for?

Summary tab

Displays a summary of the loan details, including the liability account number, origination date, and maturity date.

Payment Schedule tab

Displays the schedule of your remaining loan payments for the selected loan.

Contact Info tab

Displays the lender contact name, address, phone number, and e-mail address for the selected loan.

Buttons on this window

Add a Loan

Opens the Add a Loan wizard where you can enter information about the loans you want to track in the Loan Manager.

Edit Loan Details

Opens the Edit Loan wizard where you can change information about the selected loan.

Set Up Payment

Opens the Set Up Payment window where you set up the details for payment of the selected loan. From this window, the Loan Manger opens the Write Checks window or the Enter Bills window where you can edit your payment.

Remove Loan

Removes the selected loan from the Loan Manager. This action cannot be undone. If you remove a loan and decide that you still want to track in it the Loan Manager, you'll need to add it again (along with all of its related information) by clicking Add a Loan.


Prints a report for the selected loan. The report includes all of the information from the Summary, Payment Schedule, and Contact Info tabs.

What If Scenarios

Opens the What If Scenarios window where you can compare and analyze payment information for various loans, including both existing loans, and loans you might be thinking about getting for your business.
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