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Remove an other name

There are four ways to remove an other name:

  • Change a name to a customer, vendor, or employee
    Say you have someone listed on your other name list, but now you've hired that person. You can change the name type so that the name appears on the employee list instead. You also might want to change a name if you converted from Quicken, and have a lot of names in your Other Names list.

  • Combine (merge) two names
    For example, if you have the same name listed twice, say "ATM withdrawal" and "withdrawal atm," you can merge the two names so that all of the transactions are associated with just one name.

  • Hide a name (by making it inactive)
    For example, if you have a name that you no longer use, you can hide the name so it won't appear in the list.

  • Delete a name
    It is better for your records to hide a name instead of deleting it. There are limitations when you delete a name.

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