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Move entries to reorganize a list

You may occasionally need to move sub-entries to be under a different top-level entry. For example, say you entered a job under the wrong customer. You can move it under the correct customer.


  • You can recognize the lists that can be reorganized by the small diamond that appears in front of each list entry. These lists are: Chart of Accounts, Class, Customers & Jobs, Customer Type, Item, Job Type, Memorized Transaction, and Vendor Type.

  • On the Chart of Accounts, accounts of the same type must remain together. On the Item list, items of the same type must remain together.

  • You can't move entries in a list that has been sorted. Click the diamond column to return to the original sort order.

To reorganize a list

  1. Display the list that you want to reorganize.

    Display the list that you want to reorganize.

  2. Move the mouse pointer so that it touches the small diamond in front of the entry that you want to move.

  3. While holding down the mouse button, drag the entry up, down, left, or right to its new location:

    • To move an entry with all of its subentries, drag the main (parent) entry.

    • To make a subentry a main entry, drag it to the left.

    • To make a main entry a subentry, drag it to the right.

  4. Repeat the previous step for all other entries that you want to move.

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