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Show hidden (inactive) entries in a list

You can show all hidden entries in a list at any time. Once you can see the hidden entries, you can then select any single entry and make it active again so that it appears in the list at all times.

To show hidden entries in lists

  1. Display the list that contains the hidden entry.

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  2. Do one of the following:

    • For a Center list (Customers & Jobs, Vendor, or Employee), click the View down arrow (at the top of the list) and then click All.

      For example, in the Customer Center, click View and then click All Customers.

    • For all other lists, click Include inactive at the bottom of the list.

      If the checkbox is dimmed, there are no inactive entries in the list.

  3. Click the X symbol to the left of the inactive list entry. If the list has subentries, you'll be prompted to show those entries as well.

  4. Click Yes or No to indicate whether you want the subentries to be shown again.

To make an entry active again

  1. Double-click the entry in the list.

  2. In the Edit window, click the is inactive checkbox to clear it.

    For example, if you double-click a customer name, you'll open the Edit Customer window, where you can click the Customer is inactive checkbox to clear it.

  3. Click OK.

    The entry will appear as active in the list (with the X removed).

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