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Create a report from a list

List reporting is available for all lists except the Billing Rate Level (available only in the Contractor, Professional Services, and Accountant editions) and Customer Message lists.

What can I do with a list-based report?

What can I do with list-based reports?

To create a report from a list

Choose one of the following options:

  • Go to the Reports menu, choose List, and then click the name of the list report that you want to create.

  • Click the Customers icon, Vendors icon, or Employees icon, and select the customer, vendor, or employee you want to create the report for. Then click one of the options in the Reports list on the right side of the window.

    For example, click Customer Center, select the customer, and then click Open Balance.

  • Go to the Lists menu and click the list you want to display.

    Click Reports at the bottom of the list and choose the report you want to create.

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