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Print a list

To do this task

  1. Open the list that you want to print.

    For a Center list, click the Customers icon, Vendors icon, or Employees icon. Then click the appropriate tab (Customers & Jobs, Vendors, or Employees).

    For all other lists, go to the Lists menu and click the list that you want to display.

    If you don't see the list that you're looking for, go to the Lists menu, click Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, and then click the list you want.

  2. Print the list:

    • In a QuickBooks Center list (Customers & Jobs, Vendors, Employees, or the Transactions list in any of the Centers), go to the Print drop-down menu in the Center and click the name of the list.

    • In a list that you open from the Lists menu, go to the leftmost drop-down menu at the bottom of the list and click Print List.

  3. Check the printing options and make any necessary changes to them.

  4. Click Print.

When you print a QuickBooks Center list, you are actually printing a report that duplicates what you currently see in the Center. You might want to consider displaying and then printing a corresponding report yourself. This allows you to format the information before printing it. List reports are available from either the Report Center or the Reports menu. To access the report for a Center Transactions list, right-click on the Transactions list and choose View as a Report.

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