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Perform an activity from a list

What kinds of activities can you perform?

You can perform activities related to a list by using the list's menu buttons. For the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Center lists, menu buttons are at the top left corner of the appropriate center. For all other lists in the Lists menu, the menu buttons are at the bottom of the list.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Customers & Jobs list: Write an invoice, prepare an estimate for a customer, receive a payment from a customer, write a refund check to a customer, or prepare a billing statement.

  • Vendor list: Enter a bill from a vendor, pay your bills, or write a purchase order.

  • Item list: Write an invoice, enter a sales receipt, change your prices, write a purchase order, receive items on order, enter a bill for items previously received, or make inventory adjustments.

  • Chart of accounts: Write a check, make a deposit, enter a credit card charge, transfer money between accounts, reconcile an account with your bank or credit card statement, or open an account register.

  1. Display the list.

    Display the list.
  2. If the activity involves an entry in the list, select the entry.

  3. For a Center list (Customers & Jobs, Vendors, or Employees), click the menu button at the top of the center for the activity you want to perform. For example:

    • Click New Customer & Job, New Vendor, or New Employee to create a new list entry. To modify existing entries, right-click a list entry and choose an option from the menu, or go to the Edit menu and click an option.

    • Click New Transactions (in the Customer or Vendor Center) or Related Activities (in the Employee Center) to perform an activity that uses an entry in the list or all the items in the list. For example, use the New Transactions drop-down menu to enter bills for the selected vendor or to create a customer invoice.

    • Click Print to print the list, the details displayed in the Information area, or the transactions displayed below the information area.

    For a list accessed from the Lists menu, click the menu button at the bottom of the list for the activity you want to perform:

    • Click the list name button at the bottom of the list to perform an activity that affects the status of the list and its items. This button has choices such as New, Edit, Make Inactive, Delete, and so on.

    • Click Activities to perform an activity that uses an entry in the list or all the items in the list.

    • Click Reports to create a report about the entries in the list.

  4. Choose the activity from the drop-down menu that is displayed.

You can also right-click on a list item to open a menu of the most common tasks performed on list items.

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