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Add a new entry to a list

What are QuickBooks lists?

Lists are the framework of QuickBooks. Use lists to fill out most QuickBooks forms. For example, to pay a bill, choose a name from your vendor list on the Enter Bills form. QuickBooks enters the list information on the form for you. This saves you time and prevents typing errors. You can also change the information directly on the form if necessary.
  1. Display the list to which you want to add an entry.

    Open the list.
  2. Open the window to add a new entry as follows:
    • For a Center list, click New Customer, New Vendor, or New Employee.

    • To add a new job to the Customers & Jobs list, select the customer, then go to the Edit menu and choose Add Job.

    • For all other lists (those found in the Lists menu), click the leftmost menu button at the bottom of the list and choose New.

  3. Fill in the fields.

  4. Record the list entry.

    Record the list entry.

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