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Remove an entry from a list

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It is usually better for your record keeping to hide an entry on a list (make it inactive) instead of deleting it. Why?

Making a list entry inactive removes the entry from the list but does not delete the entry from your QuickBooks records. If a list is long, you can shorten it by making the entries that you seldom use inactive. You make a list entry inactive by selecting the "is inactive" checkbox when you create or edit a list item.

For example, you may have a vendor from whom you haven't purchased anything in the last six months, but with whom you may want to do business in the future. You can make that vendor inactive.

Once a list entry is inactive, you can make it active again at any time.

You'll need to use different instructions if you want to delete a transaction, delete a check, or delete an invoice.

Click the list that you need to remove something from:

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