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Delete an entry from a list

You must delete entries one at a time. You can't delete several entries at once, nor can you delete an entire list all at once.

You can't delete an entry if it has ever been used in a transaction, even if the transaction is completed. It makes for better bookkeeping records to hide the item in the list.

The only time you can revert a deletion is immediately after you delete it. More ...

If you perform any other action in QuickBooks, you won't be able to reverse the delete. If you delete an item by mistake, immediately go to the Edit menu and choose Undo Delete.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click the list that you want to delete an entry from, such as the Item List.

  2. Single-click the entry in the list.

    Be sure to only single-click the entry. If you double-click the entry, you'll open a window to edit it instead of deleting it.

  3. Go to the Edit menu and click Delete.

    The Delete command will contain the list name. For example, to delete an entry from the Class List, you would select Delete Class.

    If the entry you want to delete has been used in a transaction, you'll receive a message telling you that you can't delete it. You may want to hide the entry instead.

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