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About company lists

Your company lists contain useful information about your business that you can mine using reports.

Restrictions: List reporting is available for all lists except the Billing Rate Level (available only in the Contractor, Professional Services, and Accountant editions) and Customer Message lists.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Create phone lists of your customers, vendors, or employees.

  • Create a report that shows payroll withholding information for each employee.

  • Create a price list of the items or services you sell.

To create your list reports, go the Reports menu, choose List and then click the desired report.

As with other kinds of QuickBooks reports, when you create a list report, you can apply filters to restrict the content of the report, add or delete columns of information, change the formatting and appearance of the report, print copies of the report, memorize the report for future use, or save the report to a file for editing in another program.

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