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About QuickBooks lists

Lists are the framework of QuickBooks. Use lists to fill out most QuickBooks forms. For example, to pay a bill, choose a name from your vendor list on the Enter Bills form. QuickBooks enters the list information on the form for you. This saves you time and prevents typing errors. You can also change the information directly on the form if necessary.

Although most lists are easy to set up in QuickBooks, some lists—such as the Chart of Accounts list, Item list, and Class list—require careful planning.

The way you set up and edit lists depends on the list type:

  • QuickBooks Centers: Your Customers & Jobs, Vendors, and Employees lists are available in the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers, respectively.

    • To view one of these lists, click the appropriate Center button on the toolbar to go to a QuickBooks Center and then click the tab for your list.

    • To enter information in a list, click New Customer, New Vendor, or New Employee at the top of the center.

  • List windows: Other lists, such as the Chart of Accounts and Item List, appear in separate windows.

    • To view one of these lists, go to the Lists menu and click the list you want.

    • To enter information in a list, use the menu button at the bottom of the list.

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