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What's important about the New/Edit Sales Rep window

A sales rep must be on the Employee, Vendor, or Other Names lists. You can specify the list from this window when you enter the sales rep name.

Sales Rep Name

Click the vendor, employee, or other name from the drop-down list, or enter a new name.

If you enter a new name, you are prompted to add it to one of these three lists.

Sales Rep Initials

This field is filled in automatically when you enter the sales rep's name.

If the initials are already in use for another sales rep, you are prompted to enter different initials.

Edit Name button

Click to edit the detailed information about the sales rep.

Sales Rep is inactive

When you click this checkbox, QuickBooks keeps the information associated with the sales rep, but hides it from any drop-down lists.

You can reset the sales rep to active at any time.

Sales Rep Type

After you enter a sales rep name, the Sales Rep Type field shows the list with which the sales rep is associated: customer, vendor, or other names.

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