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What's important about the New, Edit Name window

You use this window to add new names to your Other Names list and to change information about names already on the list.

Important Fields


Enter the name of this person or business as you would like it to appear on the Other Names list.


Company Name

Enter the company name.

Note: If you send a 1099-MISC to this company, enter the company's legal name.


Enter the salutation or title (Mr., Ms., Dr., and so on) here. For a married couple, you can enter Mr. and Mrs.

First name, M.I., Last Name

Enter the first name, middle initial (M.I.), and last name of the person who is your main contact. If this entry on the Other Names list represents a large corporation, you can leave these fields blank.


Enter the address for this person or business as you would like it to appear on printed checks.

When you enter the name in the Name fields, QuickBooks enters the name on the first line of the Address field. If you prefer to have the first and last names appear in reverse order, you can edit the name entry in the Address field.


Enter the name of the person who is your main contact.


Enter the phone number for this person or business.


If this person or business has a fax number, enter the fax number in this field.

Note: A fax number must start with 1 followed by the area code and number. For international faxes, the number must be preceded by 011.

Alt. Ph.

If this person or business has an alternate phone number, enter the phone number in this field.

Alt. Contact

Enter the name of a person who is your alternate contact.


Enter the vendor's email address.

Account No.

Enter the name or number of the account that you want to associate with this payee.

Online featureAn account number is required if you want to set up this payee as an online payee. The payee uses this number to identify you.


Address Details

Address Details

Change Type

Use this window to move the name you are editing to another list. You can move the name to the Vendor, Customer:Job, or Employee list.

Important: Once you move a name from the Other Names list, you can't move it back.

To change information about a name

Edit the information shown for the name as necessary. Then click OK.

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