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What's important about the Edit Address Information window

Use this window to edit address information for the Bill To address or the Ship To address for customers, vendors, or other names.


The address block provides space for five lines of address information, which is generally enough to contain a company name, recipient, and street address. If you exceed five lines of information, you are prompted to rearrange the lines so they fit.

The remaining address fields are separated and formatted to accept the correct amount of information for their specific entries. The Zip/Postal Code is limited to the maximum number of characters found in any such code.


Use this field to enter a line that will identify the person or agency to receive the shipment.

This is where you would enter a line that begins with Attn:, Re:, Note:, or C/O. When one of these strings or a reasonable variation is detected, QuickBooks enters it on the last line of your shipping address.


Use the checkbox to ensure that QuickBooks verifies the address format that you enter and opens the Edit Address Information window if you enter an incorrectly formatted address. For example, if you enter part of an address in the wrong place or enter an address that exceeds the character limit, the Edit Address Information window opens as you click OK with a cursor flashing in the field where you made the error.

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