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Add and edit multiple customers, vendors, and items

Watch a 7-minute tutorial about adding and editing multiple list entries

Use the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window to add and edit multiple customers, vendors, service, inventory items, and non-inventory items. You can also copy and paste list information from Excel directly into QuickBooks using this window.

You can easily copy and paste information:

  • From Excel to the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window
  • From one cell to another cell within the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window

Note: This window is for your list information (name, description, and so on). You can't use it to enter transactions (invoices, bills, and so on) or to edit existing opening balances for customers and vendors. Also, while you can't copy list data from QuickBooks to Excel, you can export it.

To do this task

  1. Open the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window.

    Choose Lists > Add/Edit Multiple List Entries.

  2. Click the List drop-down arrow and select the list you want to work with.

  3. If you already have records in your list, you can filter it to see a particular record or set of records.

    1. Click the View drop-down arrow to select the type of records you want to see.

      By default, the list shows only active customers, vendors, and items. To see both active and inactive records, choose All (list name). To see only those records that you have changed and not yet saved, click Unsaved (list name).

    2. Use the Find field to search for a specific record:

      Enter the exact text, or partial text, and click the button. To clear the search and see the entire list, click the .

      You can also use the Custom Filter in the View drop-down list to search your list for specific records.

  4. Optionally, choose which columns you want to see in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window by clicking Customize Columns. This will help you focus on just the columns you want to work on.

    1. To add a column, select it in the left pane and click Add.

    2. To remove a column, select it in the right pane and click Remove.

    3. If needed, you can change the order in which the columns are displayed by selecting a column in the right pane and clicking Move Up or Move Down.

    4. When you're finished rearranging the columns, click OK.

      You can click Default at any time to return to the preset columns for the list.

    Note: Some columns (such as a customer or vendor name) are required and can't be removed, but you can change their order.

  5. Add or edit entries in the list.

    • To add entries, click in the first empty row at the end of the list and begin making your entries.

    • To edit entries, click in any field and begin making changes.

    • You can also copy (Ctrl+C) data from Excel and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window.

  6. Other things you can do:

    • Copy Down—Highlight any field, right click and choose Copy Down. The data in the field is copied into all remaining fields. If data is in any of those remaining fields it will be overwritten.

    • Duplicate Row—Place your cursor in any row, right-click and choose Duplicate Row. The record is duplicated into the next row and is preceded with the word "DUP."

  7. Click Save Changes.

    If there are errors, the list will clear all saved records (the View drop-down arrow changes to show only records with errors). Only those records with errors will remain on the list so you can make corrections.

    If there are no errors, the list with all saved records remains in view.

  8. Fix any errors that might appear.

    When you save your changes in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window, QuickBooks will tell you whether there are any errors. Errors appear in red text. Click or hover your mouse in any field with red text to see what the error is.

  9. Click Save Changes and repeat the process until all errors are fixed.

Do I have to fix all the errors?

If you don't want to fix an error, you can save the changes you've made so far and click Close to close the window without making any further changes. QuickBooks will not save the changes that contain errors.

How do I delete a customer, vendor, or item from the list?

Customers, vendors, and items must be deleted one at a time using the Delete function from the Edit menu from the customer center, vendor center, or item list. You can't delete a record using Add/Edit Multiple List Entries. To find out how to make a deletion, click one of these:

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