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Select names and addresses to print on mailing labels or Rolodex cards

Once you choose the names and click OK, the Print dialog will open for you to choose the type of labels or Rolodex cards on which you're printing. When you choose a format for Avery labels, you can choose whether the labels print addresses or phone numbers.

To print...

Do this...

All names on a list

Click the Name drop-down arrow and choose the Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, or Other Names list.

Selected names

Click the Name drop-down arrow, choose Multiple names, and then click the names you want to include.

By default, QuickBooks prints labels for active list entries only. To include names that you've made inactive, select Print labels for inactive names.

Tips for customer labels

  • To print labels for jobs as well as customers, select Print labels for jobs.

  • To print shipping addresses rather than billing addresses, select Print Ship To addresses where available." If a customer does not have a shipping address, QuickBooks prints the billing address.

Tips for targeted mailings

You can further target your mailing list as follows:

  • For a large mailing, sort by ZIP Code.

  • For a targeted mailing by name, print labels by the Vendor Type or Customer Type to limit the list of names.

  • For a targeted mailing to specific geographic areas, select the with Zip Codes that start with checkbox and enter a specific ZIP Code or part of a ZIP Code. The more of the ZIP Code you enter, the further you narrow the range of labels that are printed. For example, if you enter 94, you'll get the names in all ZIP Codes that start with 94 (94001, 94002, 94500, 94601, etc.). If you enter 940, the list is narrowed further. If you enter an entire ZIP Code 94025-2413, you'll get just the labels for the selected names in that ZIP code.

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