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Creating a general journal entry

When should I make a general journal entry?

To do this task

  1. Go to the Company menu and click Make General Journal Entries. Shortcut

  2. To enter a foreign journal entry
    • Use the Currency field to select the currency to record the journal entry in.

      Why can't I change the currency on some journal entries?

      The currency field is grayed out on saved journal entries if a rounding entry has been recorded for the journal entry. Because the rounding entry is associated with the existing currencies, the currency can't be changed.
      If you need to change the currency on a journal entry with a rounding entry, delete the original entry and create a new journal entry using the correct currency.
    • Select the Home Currency Adjustment checkbox only if you need to enter an adjustment to your foreign account balances. For more information, see home currency adjustments.

    • Enter an exchange rate if the journal entry's currency is foreign or if you enter a foreign account on the form. QuickBooks uses the rate to convert foreign amounts into home currency amounts.
      Note: The exchange rate field is grayed out and uses a value of 1 when only home currency accounts are used or when the Home Currency Adjustment checkbox is selected.

  3. In the Make General Journal Entries window, change the date if necessary.

  4. Fill in the entry number.

  5. In the detail area, enter distribution lines.

  6. Save the journal entry.

    Save the journal entry.

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