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Write a zero-amount check to an owner or partner to track the cost of work

To do this task

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks. Shortcut

    Write the check either in your regular checking account or in a special checking account that has no money in it. (You can set up the special checking account specifically to handle checks like these.)

  2. In the Pay to the order of field, enter the name of the owner or partner.

  3. Answer Yes to the question about paying the person for time worked.

  4. Specify the date range for the time worked and click OK.

  5. Clear the To be printed checkbox.

  6. Leave the No. field blank.

  7. On the Expenses tab, enter the name of the person's equity account in the Account field. In the Amount field, enter the negative of the total amount on the Items tab. Do not enter a job name.

  8. Record the check.

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