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Track costs of services performed by an owner or partner

Because owners and partners don't submit bills, the costs of the services they perform won't be part of the overall costs of the job unless you enter a transaction to account for the work.

If you want owner or partner time to contribute to the job costs on reports such as job profitability or job estimates vs. actuals, here's what to do.

To do this task

  1. Track time for the owner or partner. Associate the time with the following:

  2. Do one of the following:

    Pay the owner or partner for the time worked.


    Enter a zero-amount check simply to track the cost of the work.

  3. When creating a job profitability summary or detail report, customize it as follows:

    1. Click Filters.

    2. In the Account field, select All equity and income/expenses so that the report includes the costs in the equity account for owner's draws.

(You don't have to customize a job estimates vs. actuals report because it automatically includes all accounts.)

Note: The cost doesn't appear as an expense on a profit and loss statement because it's assigned to an equity account, not an expense account.

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