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Check the status of your jobs

If you track jobs, you can create a report that shows the current information about each of your jobs, including the job's status (submitted, accepted, in progress, and so on).

To do this task

  1. Choose Reports > List > Customer Contact List.

  2. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

  3. Click the Display tab.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Columns list and select Job Status to add this column to the report.

  5. Click OK to return to the report window.

  6. If you customized the setup for this report and want to retain it for future use, click Memorize.

  7. (Optional) Click Print to print a copy of the report.

If the report is incorrect

The information for the report comes from the Customers & Jobs list. If any information in the report is incorrect (for example, if you completed a job that the report shows to be "in progress"), you must first change the information for that job.

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