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Pay subcontractors

When you pay a subcontractor, you can either write a check directly to the subcontractor, or enter a bill and pay the subcontractor later when you're paying other bills.

To do this task

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks to write a check directly to the subcontractor. Shortcut

    • Go to the Vendors menu and click Enter Bills to enter a bill from the subcontractor. Shortcut

  2. In the top part of the form, fill in the name of the subcontractor and the date.

  3. If you have been tracking hours for the subcontractor in QuickBooks, you will be prompted to transfer the hours to the check or bill.

    Otherwise, follow the steps below to enter the hours worked by the subcontractor.

    1. In the detail area at the bottom of the form, click the Items tab.

    2. In the Item column, enter the service item you set up for this type of subcontracted work.

    3. In the Cost column, check the amount QuickBooks filled in. If the cost is incorrect for this job, change it.

    4. In the Qty column, enter the appropriate quantity.

      • For example, if the subcontractor charges an hourly rate, you would enter the number of hours.

      • If the Qty column doesn't apply to this work, leave it blank.

    5. In the Customer:Job column, enter the name of the job (or customer) for which the work was done.

      Important: Entering the name here gives you the ability to invoice the customer for the work later. Also, you'll be able to create reports that show your costs and revenue from the work.

  4. Save the bill or check.

Note: If you've entered a bill, use the Pay Bills command on the Vendors menu to pay the bill. Do not use the Write Checks command to pay the bill. QuickBooks writes the check for you when you use the Pay Bills command.

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