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Track work performed by subcontractors

To track the income and expenses for work performed by subcontractors (or other temporary employees), set up service items for the work your subcontractors perform, making sure to indicate that each item represents subcontracted work. Once you have set up the items, you'll be able to pay your subcontractors and pass on subcontracted expenses to your customers.

The way that you track work for subcontractors differs depending on whether you track time for the subcontractors in QuickBooks.

  • If you track the subcontractor's time

    You enter the subcontractor's hours in QuickBooks, or have the subcontractor use the QuickBooks Timer program and send you the exported hours. When you want to pay the subcontractor, you can automatically transfer the hours to a check or bill. To pass on charges to your customers, you transfer the same hours to an invoice.

  • If you don't track the subcontractor's time

    The subcontractor sends you an invoice for the work performed. When you pay the subcontractor, you use the detail area of the check or bill to specify the number of hours the subcontractor spent on each service item. To pass on charges to your customers, you create invoices and select the billable hours from a list presented by QuickBooks.

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