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Use the Job Type list

How do I display this list?

Go to the Lists menu, choose Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, and then click Job Type List.

What you store in this list

This list holds the job types you have set up for grouping and categorizing your jobs on reports. You can add new job types to this list whenever you need them.

The Job Type list is automatically available to you when you are setting up a job (in the New/Edit Job window), or entering job information about a customer (on the Job Info tab in the New/Edit Customer window). To add a job type, click the Job Info tab in the New/Edit Customer window and fill in the Job Type field.

What is a job type?

Topic titled "About job types" goes here

Manage your job types

Click Job Type at the bottom of the list to add, edit, or delete job types. You can make a job type inactive, print the list, and more.

To view reports related to this list, click Reports at the bottom of the list.

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