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Create and categorize job types

If you are using job tracking, you can use job types to track information about your projects and jobs that you think is important. Tracking job types gives you an idea of the profitability of each kind of job you do. It can also help you determine what proportion of your time is spent on different types of projects or jobs. You can filter any of the Project reports to show information organized by job type.

For example, you can set up job types to:

  • Track types of work you perform. Some examples include:

Whenever you get a new job or project, you can choose which job type the job or project falls under. Then later (for example, at year-end), you can run reports that evaluate job type profitability, which can help you make better future business decisions.

To do this task

  1. Create a new job type in the Job Types list.


    Add a new job type in the Job Type field (on the Job Info tab) when you add a new job.

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