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Troubleshooting item problems

If you don't see your particular problem in the list below, check the Go onlineQuickBooks Support site on the Web. You might also talk with your accountant for assistance. If you don't have an accountant, Intuit can help you find one.

Frequently asked questions

Problems with items on sales forms (invoices, sales orders, etc.)

  • Why do items appear with a negative amount on my invoice?

    If you create an item as a Discount type, this item will appear as a negative amount when you use it on an invoice. Discount items should only be used to subtract a percentage or a fixed amount from a total or subtotal. Once you create an item as a Discount item, you cannot change it to another type. If you have created a Discount item by mistake, the best solution is to delete the Discount item and create a new item using a different type.

Item pricing

  • Why can't I use a discount item on a purchase order?

    You can't use discount items on purchase orders or bills. They will not appear in the Item drop-down list. A workaround for this is to create an Other Charge item and enter a negative fixed amount (percentages will not work), for example, -10.00, in the Amount or % field.

  • How can I discount all the items on my invoice?

    You must create a subtotal item if you ever want to apply a percentage discount or surcharge to several or all items on an invoice. Because QuickBooks calculates percentages only on the line above, you must subtotal the items before entering a discount item that calculates on a percentage basis.

  • What's the difference between price levels and discounts?

    Price levels let you set custom pricing for certain customers or jobs. Once you create a price level and associate it with one or more customers or jobs, each time you create an invoice, sales receipt, sales order or credit memo for those customers or jobs, QuickBooks automatically pulls up the correct custom price for a customer or job. Discount items can be used on any invoice.

  • If I change the price of an item, will it affect my existing transactions?

    No. If you change the price of an item, it will not affect existing transactions.

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