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Create discount items

A discount item applies a discount (a percentage or a fixed amount) to the preceding line on a sales form.

Do not use a discount item for early payment. You can have QuickBooks calculate these discounts for you when you receive payments from customers.

About applying a discount to more than one item

If you are applying a percentage discount to more than one item, you must first use a subtotal item and then apply the discount to the subtotal.

About using price levels to set custom pricing for customers or jobs

If you want to set custom pricing for particular customers or jobs, you might want to use a price level instead of a discount item.

Important: Once you create a discount item, you cannot change it to another type.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Item List. Shortcut

  2. Click Item at the bottom of the list and then click New.

  3. In the New Item window, click the Type drop-down arrow and then click Discount.

  4. Enter an item name, such as Discount.

  5. Enter the Description that you want QuickBooks to put on your sales forms when you apply the discount.

  6. In the Amount or % field, enter the discount amount or percentage:
    • If the discount is a percentage, enter the number of the discount followed by the % symbol. For example, 5% tells QuickBooks to multiply the previous line by .05.

    • If your discount amounts vary, you may want to leave the Amount or % field blank and enter the amount directly on your sales forms.

  7. Click the Account drop-down arrow and then click the income account you want to use to track discounts you give to customers.

    When an income account tracks discounts on sales, the account is often called a "contra-income" account.

  8. Click the Tax Code drop-down arrow and choose a tax code for this item.

    If you select a taxable code, the discount you specify on taxable sales is applied before the sales tax is calculated. If you select a non-taxable code, the discount is applied after the tax is calculated.

  9. Click OK or click Next to create another item.

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