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Create and use items that calculate

QuickBooks has four item types that perform calculations on the amounts of a sales form (invoice, sales receipt, etc.). If you want QuickBooks to perform any of these calculations, you must have an item for each calculation that you need.

These are the calculation items you can set up:

Item type

Use when calculating


A subtotal. You must use a subtotal item before calculating a discount or a charge that covers several items.


An amount to be subtracted from the total. If you are applying the discount to more than one item, you must first use a subtotal item and then apply the discount to the subtotal.


Partial payment you receive at the time you write an invoice. A payment item reduces the amount owed on an invoice.

Sales tax

The sales tax rate that QuickBooks calculates in the Tax field on sales forms.

For details on how to set up an item, click the type.

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