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Use the Item List

How do I display this list?

Go to the Lists menu and click Item List.

What to store in this list

This list contains the items you've set up for the services and goods you buy and sell, as well as special items that perform calculations (subtotals, discounts, and sales tax). These items appear as line items on your sales and purchase forms.

Learn more about items

Manage items

Click Item at the bottom of the list to add, edit, hide, or delete items. You can sort the list in alphabetical order, print the list, and more.

To choose activities or view reports related to this list, click Activities or Reports at the bottom of the list.

Use items

You can add an item to an open form in two ways:

  • Use the Item drop-down arrow on the form and choose your item.

  • Use the Item List window.

    1. Open the Item List.

    2. Select the item you want to use.

    3. Click the Item button and select Use.

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